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Construction Consulting Services
Construction Consulting Services
Construction Consulting Services

"You know what? I can manage this bathroom remodel myself! All I need is a solid schedule & check list, a few tradesmen I could trust, and a good idea of what things cost..."


We find so often, people who are looking to do a smaller project on their home or really just need an idea of the costs and could manage a small project themselves.

For the person looking to remodel their master bathroom, a traditional GC is usually pretty expensive. You could call a handyman, but you'll be on their time and their usually not licensed. If you're looking to do a small addition and have some knowledge but don't know any trustworthy and quality subcontractors in the area, a GC is the way to go. You're looking to save some money and know that you'll end up being involved in managing the project anyway!




Williamz Constructors offers custom consulting services that you won't find ANYWHERE else. Depending the level Williamz Constructors involvement, we can give you:

1. Full 3D CAD Drawings and scaled floor plans.

2. A list of quality, experienced, and competitively priced Subcontractors appropriate to your project.

3. A professional and detailed estimate of your project in chronological order, appropriate to your construction schedule.

4. A Construction Gantt Chart to give you a time table of your project.


Give us a call today and we'll be happy to set up an appointment.


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